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At our company you’ll find everything you need for reliable and professional soil sampling, no matter if done manually or by machine.
Our product range of manual equipment includes a wide variety of boring rods, probes, drive rods, boring channels, various hammers, chisels and many other time-saving tools that make soil sampling a whole lot easier.
For soil sampling with a machine, we manufacture five different machine models in series for different applications, and thus all the needs of standard soil sampling up to 30 cm (12 inches) deep. We also manufacture in series mineralised nitrogen probes (with or without layer separation) up to 90 cm or 120 cm. You can choose between fully automatic machines (with automatic removal) and semi-automatic machines, e.g. for soil testing and evaluation.
If you wish we’ll gladly deliver the needed transport vehicle: 4-wheelers, Gator or Mule vehicles, Pickups, SUVs or our own self-made special trailers. We’ll also gladly mount your machine on an existing vehicle, if practical.
If you have a special soil sampling problem, e.g. special depths, test parcel sampling, etc., then we’re the ones to contact. We’re known for technically sound, customised solutions.