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Company profile

Secure, quick and reliable soil sampling is Bodenprobetechnik Peters field of expertise. The company is located in the village of Badbergen in the north German state of Lower Saxony between the cities of Osnabrueck and Bremen, a short distance from the A1 motorway.

Walter Nietfeld, a master craftsman in agriculture, has experienced first hand the tedious activity of taking soil samples manually. He started out as a distributor for one German and two foreign companies, and he noticed that the equipment neither really fulfilled his own requirements, nor those of his clients. Faced with the choice of either optimising the Manufacturers’ equipment or developing his own, he chose the latter. His first self-made machine for taking standard samples was the N2000. All the while he also developed new equipment for even greater soil depths.

In 1989 Walter Nietfeld founded the company Bodenprobetechnik Nietfeld (Nietfeld Soil Sampling Technology), whose product line not only includes four standard machine models that are built in series, but also includes a comprehensive range of tools and equipment for taking soil samples manually. Another main activity is the customised manufacture of equipment for special applications.

June 2021: Sale of "Bodenprobetechnik Nietfeld GmbH" to the successor and longstanding manager Walter Peters, who manages the company under the new name "Bodenprobetechnik Peters GmbH".

Although Bodenprobetechnik Peters is active mainly in Germany and Western Europe, the company is now expanding sales to Russia, Slovakia and the USA. Its worldwide customers not only include farmers, service companies and farm contractors, but also universities, vocational institutions, technical universities, water and soil conservation groups, engineering offices, forestry departments, waste management companies, industrial corporations, geological surveyors, agricultural extension services, tax authorities and other government officials.

Currently the company employs 10 workers.